EXCLUSIVE: BELLA LOKA are about to fly with the help of their Honey B


Indie electronic pop duo Bella Loka are entering an exciting period in the lifetime of the band. The release of their second single, Honey B, along with a stylish video, is just the start of it.

Recording at the famous Abbey Road Studios, Bella Loka are on the precipice of setting their debut album free on the public and have a mini tour booked in to boot.

Recentia caught up with Tea and David Boothby for an EXCLUSIVE chat, as they look forward to the next big steps for Bella Loka.

Bella Loka

The video of Honey B has a mystical tinge to it but the theme is not indicative of where Bella Loka is going.

Tea explains: “[It] is more about symbolism and the concept of the video – a person having an effect on you that is sort of like a magical power.”

It is certainly a strong and confident video, which probably comes from the fact that the band managed to record their debut album at none other than Abbey Road Studios.

David reveals how this felt: Abbey Road is obviously a legendary place where so many of our favourite records were made, so it was extraordinary to go in there and work in the same building that was home to The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

“And because we made the record over quite an extended period of time it actually started to feel very familiar to us, which was great.

“But then really once you’re in there it’s about getting the work done and making the best music possible.”

The album itself is a personal revelation, as Tea explains: “I drew on the lives and experiences of myself, and people I know – the complexities and struggles.

“I’m just happy for the album to finally be heard. Feels like we’ve been sitting on it for too long!”

To celebrate this landmark moment in the life of Bella Loka, they are embarking on a mini tour and, as David reveals, they can’t wait.

“We’re really excited to be playing this stuff live!” David admits. “We’re already starting to play some new songs that we’re really excited about which will probably end up on the second album alongside all the tracks from the upcoming record.

“Whenever possible we project visuals designed by Tea in the background which really enhances the experience and brings something of the vibe of the music videos to the shows.”

Bella Loka

Bella Loka are coming and it’s time to sit up and listen.